European Odyssey or Europe Uncovered


Hi All,

My husband and I are wanting to do a first time tour of Europe in September 2013.

I’m having a hard time deciding between the European Odyssey (18 days) or the Europe Uncovered (22 day) Tours.

They’re very similar, except on the 22 day tour, you see Slovenia, Croatia and Monaco in addition to all the countries covered in the 18 day tour.

It would be great if someone from Top Deck could advise which is the most popular out of the two, but I’m also interested to hear about other travellers experiences on either tour.

We intend to travel solo after or before the tour to Scotland and possibly Greek Islands (Santorini) or parts of Italy that aren’t covered in the tour like Cinque Terra.

Any info anyone could provide would be awesome!

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I’ve just come home from a European Odyssey, i had such an amazing time and am having some serious Europe withdrawals now!!

The European Odyssey is great, it is a lot of travel, most days would be up at about 6am and every second day you would be on a bus all day, not arriving in most countries until about 5pm when leaving at about 7.30am, as much as I loved it, 18 days was enough, it is very exhausting!! You do also only have one free day in each country, so plan ahead what you are most interested in seeing, however you do get a map on arriving at each country which has points of interest on it.

Good luck wit the planning and I hope whichever you choose, you have as an amazing time as I did!!


Hi Eloise,

I’m so sorry, I hadn’t seen your reply to my post until now! Sorry about that.
Thanks for the info. It’s great to hear you had an amazing time!

My husband and I paid a deposit on the Europe Uncovered 22 day tour on Saturday.
We unfortunately couldn’t get the dates we wanted for the European Odyssey tour- the guaranteed departure dates just didn’t line up.

We will see Croatia, Slovenia and Monaco in addition, so that will be bonus.

I’m still a bit worried what its going to be like, being on the bus for so long, I wonder if the Europe Uncovered is at a slower pace than the European Odyssey? It says on the site that most cities are a min of 2 nights, so I’m hoping it may be a little less crazy than what you are describing?!..but I think when you’re seeing new places - you probably feel more excitement than tiredness?! Did you stay only one night in most places on your tour?

We’re having 3 nights in London with some friends who live there post tour and then heading to Santorini for 4 nights to relax and then onto Dubai for another 2 nights stop over before heading home to help us with the jet lag on the way back.

Hopefully that will help us catch our breaths after the big tour.

Did you see much else while you were over there?

Thanks again for your help!


Hi there I’m looking to book a similar tour with my partner but I am out off as it says same sex
Sleeping arrangements. Have they made any different arrangements for you and your husband? Thanks


Hi Michelle sorry for the late reply. As long as you book the euro hotel tours you will be fine. It’s only same sex for the euro club tours I think. Hotel is definately the type you want to book 😊


Hi I will be on this tour as well. But I am only doing to Soho to Boho part of the tour. leaving 27th April. I will be traveling solo. I am so excited.


Hey Karie, I’m also booked on the Soho to Boho departing April 27th -super excited!! Toni :slight_smile:


sorry only just got your reply!!

the odyssey is two nights in every country except austria, don’t stress too much about the bus rides, they can be long but you don’t tend to notice, the bus driver has to stop everytwo hours and there is usually a longer stop off at a place of interest, plus you watch movies, chat to others, or catch up on sleep from your main days in a country the day before!!

wow that’s a lot you’re doing but you may as well while you’re there :slight_smile: we had three days in london beforehand which was fantastic :slight_smile:

it still makes me a bit sad it’s all over, still reminisce so much and it’s been over a month since we got back! be prepared for the holiday hangover afterwards!!

enjoy the holiday planning!!