European Odyssey October 2 to October 19


[font=Arial Black][/font]Hi I booked today for the European Odyssey trip from October 2 to October 19 and I’m looking to see who else is going on that trip!!
I’m spending a couple of days in London before the trip and a few days at the end.
Let me know if you’re on this trip!
;D Karen ;D


Hi Karen,
I recently booked this tour as well. I plan to spend a few days in London, as well, but haven’t decided how many days before or after the trip that will be.
I’m looking forward to it.

Lisa :smiley:


Hi Karen & Lisa,

My husband & I are also on this tour! Can’t wait! We are also spending a few days in London before & after the tour.

Kim & Garth :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa, Kim & Garth

Nice to finally hear from someone else on the trip, looks like it’s pretty much booked out.
I’m flying over on Sept 29 and staying at UMI then I’ve got three nights there after the tour as well.
Anyone else staying at UMI? It looks nice but I’ve heard mixed reviews…

Karen :slight_smile:


Hey guys

I’m also on this tour! Leaving for UK on 19 Sept to visit some family etc. Then staying at Umi from 29 Sept and one night after the tour.

Can’t wait!

Bec :slight_smile:


We are also staying at the Umi from 28th Sep and then 2 nights after we get back. Thought it would be good to wake up in the same place the tour is leaving from!

Only 27 sleeps now (not that I am counting!!!)

Kim & Garth B-)


I’m flying to Manchester first, and not arriving in London until the 1st, but I’m staying at the Umi hotel that night, too.

I have a couple of friends who will also be on the tour. They arrive in London before me, and are also staying at the Umi hotel.

I still haven’t decided how many days I’ll be staying in London afterwards, or where. Probably about 4 days, before heading back towards Manchester.

I’m so very excited!!!


HEY! everyone it’s Amy and Ash here. we are very excited, to be travelling on this topdeck tour. can’t wait to meet everyone.
we are also staying at the umi, for a few days prior to the tour aswell. arriving the 29th sep 10


B-) hey everyone im on the tour too cant wait am staying the night before at umi cant wait to meet you all :stuck_out_tongue: