European Odyssey October 13th


Hi all my partner and I will be doing this tour. We are staying in London a few days catching up with family before the departure, just sending out this post seeing who else might be travelling on this tour.


My husband and I are booked onto this trip, staying in London before and after. :slight_smile:


Awesome, my gf and I are pretty excited counting down the days until we can ditch work. We have started to pack our suitcases and we are already full and still need to pack more into it, so it’s safe to say we are struggling a little bit.


Hi. My boyfriend & I will be on this trip too. We too are staying in London before & after. Getting excited as we fly out in just over 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Ah, four Australians! I’m a Kiwi, just living in Canada right now. :wink:
Yeah this is a real exercise in learning to pack light! We’re doing 4 weeks all up, and I’m trying to work out how I’m going to fit that into one suitcase, ha.


My Gf and I arrive in London the Tuesday 9th of October spend a few days sight seeing and catching up with family but keen to meet people that will be in the area. We are staying at the Hyde Park hotel which is like around the corner from the Umi Hotel.



My Boyfriend and I will also be on the tour ;D More Aussies couples! My brother just finished a Top Deck tour and had a fantastic time! We are very excited! We arrive the day before the tour starts… and spend almost a week in London when we return.

Does anyone know what the weather will be like? I am getting conflicting info.


I looked at historic weather data to get an idea of what to expect, and it seems it’s going to average between 15 and 20 degrees all over. Cooler up the mountains (Switzerland, Austria), and a good chance of rain wherever we go. ;D
I’m told it’s usually warmer in Italy though!


I wonder if I should pack more long pants and trousers or shorts? I hope the rain is minimal


Hard to pick, eh.
We’re spending a week in Scotland and Ireland beforehand, so we’ll have lots of cold weather/wet weather gear anyway.

Current weather says Rome is still like 30 degrees, so I’m sure we’ll be wanting skirts/shorts for there. But yeah I think in the north, pants might be the way to go.

Depends on your tolerance of temperatures, I suppose. My sister lives in Brisbane - she came to visit me in Canada back in spring, and she was freezing in our lovely 18 degree temps. ;D


Hey has anyone been thinking about laundry and drying of clothes?


We’re bringing some (camping style) laundry liquid, and a plug for the bathroom sinks. Plan to wash and dry essentials in the bathrooms as we go.
I read on another thread that some of the places we’re staying have a laundromat nearby - another option there.


Hey everyone! Canadian couple here! My wife and I are very excited about the trip. We’re arriving the day before and staying an extra night after. We’re stressing out on the packing situation as well. Need to anticipate some space for shopping!


Hi all, my bestfriend and I are from NZ. We are arriving in London on Thursday the 11th, staying at the Umi Hotel and spending some time there after the tour with friends. We have just packed, which has been an adventure in itself! Look forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, my girlfriend and fly out from Brisbane tomorrow and will be in London on the 9th. We are adding the finishing touches to luggage and paperwork. Extremely excited look forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile: