European Odyssey - Oct 2007


Hi there. I was just wondering if anyone else had booked on this tour yet?


Hi Stacey. My sister and I are going on that tour and were wondering the same thing. So that makes atleast three of us.


That’s good news! What part of Australia are you from? I am in [br]Brisbane. I am travelling on the tour alone.


My sister and I are from Sydney…[br]It’s good to know someone else is on the same tour.[br]Look forward to meeting you. I’m sure we’re going to have a great time.


are you staying at the globetrotter the night before?


Hi all just wondering if you’ve heard about anyone else going on this tour…[br][br]My best mate and i are going (we’re from Australia too)…


We’re from Melbourne…[br][br]Hopefully we get some more people!! [br]Are you all getting excited?[br][br]P.s Gorge is my nickname LOL… My real names Marnie and my best mates Linda!!


wow, it seems like a real ‘sister’ trip.[br]me and my sister are coming too, we’re from sydney and very excited/nervous/don’t know what to expect![br]:-[