European Odyssey May 9th - May 26th 2015


Hey Guys,

Anyone booked on this one?
Just booked with the partner!
What type of clothes would you pack for May-June travel?

Cheers Cat :slight_smile:


Hi Cat

Just awaiting confirmation from Topdeck that I’ll be on this tour. Was originally on a tour that was cancelled so this was the best alternative :slight_smile:

You won’t be the only Cat on board either…wife goes by that name too.

As far as clothes go, am packing for an October day in Melbourne - could get 32 and sunny or 17 and raining.

Where else are your travels taking you?


Yay! 2 Cat’s are always better than 1!

We are in London for 2 days before the tour.
Then we have the 18 day tour.
Next we are off to the Greek Islands for a week visiting Mykonos, Paros and Santorini.
Then its off to country London for a wedding!
Heaps going on.

What about yourself? :slight_smile:


Nice. First time you’ve been?

Of course since then we’ve been confirmed on the tour! My name is Andrew btw.

We fly into London on 3 May and have 5 nights before the start of the tour (visiting family mostly) and after the tour we have another 2 nights there. Not able to get any longer off work unfortunately…

Are you going to stay at the Burns Hotel or elsewhere? Am undecided as we’ll have free accommodation but and hour and half outside London…