European Odyssey May 4th


European Odyssey Tour on May 4th coming up really soon… Just a few more weeks! I’ll be going along with 2 friends of mine. Coming from Canada… will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn the night before.[br][br]Anyone else going on this tour? [br][br]Jeremy


Hi Jeremy[br][br]my friend and i are on the same tour, we are travelling from australia.[br][br]we are staying near by in kensington in a hotel, not quite ready for the hostel thing just yet.[br][br]i have had contact with one other person on the tour.[br][br]might hear from a few more as it gets closer.[br][br]we are arriving in london on the 30th april, so have a few days to tour around.[br][br]see you on the tour[br][br]Megs :slight_smile:


Only 1 more week… can’t wait![br][br]See you all on the tour!