European Odyssey May 15th 2010


Is anyone booked in for the European Odyssey starting May 15th?? Can’t seem to find anyone anywhere! we’re beginning to think we are the only two people on the trip :slight_smile:


Hey Nicki and Stuart

I have checked your trip and rest assured there are over 30 people booked on your trip already! Some people are unaware of the forum but another way to connect with fellow travellers is to become a fan on facebook. Check out and become a fan!

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could you please also tell me if my tour (european odyssey depart june 26 2010) has many people on it as i can’t seem to find many either!?


ANYONE??? Surely somebody going on this tour has been here!?


hi nicki & stuart
my partner and i are booking in on this trip!!
i only just found about the forum…otherwise i would have logged in ages ago.
about three weeks until it departs…it is getting exciting. where are you travelling from?
we are from auckland, we’re leaving here on 13 may and staying at the umi for a couple of nights before it kicks off.

hopefully you’ll check this before we leave!!


Hi Nicki and Stuart, and Sharon and Tee,

My hubby and I are also doing the Odyssey starting on 15 May and staying at the Umi for a couple of nights beforehand.

Hopefully there are no more volcanic eruptions before then, it was looking grim for awhile there!

See you guys on the 15th!


hi erin,
great to see there are some other couples on this tour!!
see you on 15th!!


Hi Sharon&Tee, Nicki&Stuart, Erin&Partner - My wife Bianca and I are also going on the Odyssey tour starting 15th May. We are also staying at the Umi Hotel for 3 nights prior to the tour. Its great to see a few other couples going along.