European Odyssey June 4th anyone?


Hey just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour?? Would to great to touch base with some people now!


Hey Jamie,

My girlfriend, her sister and I are coming on the June 4th trip. We’re joining up in Paris instead of London though so we can get an extra day and a half there. We’re Canadians from just outside Toronto, aged 24, 22 & 28. Looking forward to a great time, only 60 or so days away now :smile:

Been to Europe before?


Oh here I was thinking no one would reply to this! Haha.
I’ll be travelling with my friend, I’m 22 and he’s 26, we will see you on the bus then as we’re getting on in London :slight_smile: and no this is a first time for both of us so it’s getting really exciting now! We’re from Melbourne, Australia! Look forward to meeting you guys!


Hi Jamie and Rich111,

I will join the European Odyssey June 4th in London, and I will travel from Sydney. This is my first time to Europe! Very excited!
2 months to go!! Yay!!

How long are you guys staying in Europe apart from this tour?
Need some recommendation for the ATM cards in London and Paris. Friends recommended Citi bank plus.



Hey Yuna! I will see you in London :slight_smile:
After the tour my friend and I will be going to Croatia for a sail for a week and then after that I will be going to Malta to visit family for a bit over a week :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually figured out what I’m doing in terms of using cards etc I think I may talk to my travel agent about it!


Hey both,

My group is heading to Scotland for 4 days before the trip and also staying in London for the week after we all get back. As for cards, I found it relatively easy to get a Barclays account set up within my first week of being there, I just needed my passport but that was 4 years ago so it’d be best to do some research. The other option if you don’t want to set up anything international is I’ve heard you can get prepaid Visa’s / Mastercard’s that are in the currencies of the countries you’re travelling to, which would work really nicely.


I currently live in London, and it isn’t that simple to get bank accounts such as Barclay’s or Lloyd’s any more. It requires appointments & proof of London address.

If you have Qantas Cash Card or even Commonwealth Travel Cards are good investments…


Hi All:)

Thank you all so much for the suggestions!! Less than two months to go!!
Looking forward to seeing you all in the trip:)

Time for shopping a travelling cross shoulder bag:)



Flying to London tonight from Sydney :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you all on the tour !! Hope Europe treats us nice !:slight_smile: