European Odyssey June 3rd



my friend and i just booked our tour for June 3rd, just trying to see if anyone else will be on this tour with us. We’re both from the US and are extremely excited to go.


actually our trip is from June 5th through June 22nd. My friend and i however are arriving at the umi on June 3rd



Me and My partner are doing the tour starting June 5th will be there from the 3rd till the 26th .
We are very excited too.



have you both ever done one of these tours before? I know my friend who is coming with me has been to Europe before, but i’ve never left the US so i thinks its aboud time :). Where are you both staying before/after the tour?



No we haven’t but very excited and nervous but it all should be fun. We are staying at umi hotel.


lovely well we will see you there before/ after. Have you talked to anyone else who is doing this tour?


No not yet but im sure there will be more. I only just had a proper look at the website and found
this so im sure other people are doing the same thing.



I just signed up to do this tour as well (assuming that this is the 5th June tour), I’m super excited.

I thought I’d say hello as I’m going solo on this part of my trip. I’m from Australia and have not travelled in Europe before - I cannot wait!


Yes it is the June 5th tour sorry i wrote June 3rd since that’s when we will be arriving in london. Are you going to stay in london before the trip or after? We’re staying for another night after the tour ends. We can’t wait to go either! so excited to hear from more people doing this tour!


I will be in London for a few days before also staying with a friend. It is good to touch base with some people prior to the trip. It should be amazing.


Hey guys. Me and my girfriend (27 and 26 y.o. from Australia) have just booked for these dates as well. Hopefully we aren’t going to be the oldest on the trip??

Anyway, really looking forward to meeting you all!


Hey, that’s lovely! have you both ever done one of these tours before? Yea my friend and i are both 22, we’re just graduating college so this is our graduation gift to ourselves :slight_smile: Her younger sister has also decided to join us, i believe she’s 20. None of us have ever done one of these tours before so we’re really excited.


Hi All,

Myself and a mate (26 & 27 y.o) are also booked on this trip, so that’s 2 South African’s added to the list. Lets hope the volcano plays nicely. We are landing on the 4th and staying at the Umi that night.

The excitement is starting to build now, looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:



We cannot wait to meet everyone. We’re staying at a hotel in the center of london for a few days and then we will be at the Umi the night before the trip starts. I cannot wait to finally get there and to start our trip :slight_smile: