European Odyssey - june 2nd - 19th 2018


Hey, I’m 20 and a solo traveller from Queensland Australia. Just wondering who else is coming on the european odyssey on june 2nd :smile:


Hi! I’m Martina from just outside Toronto, Canada. My husband Mike and I will be on the Czech Mate portion of the tour (Prague to the end). We’ll probably be the oldest (we’ll be 36 in June), but we still think we’re much younger. lol Looking forward to meeting you!



Me and my wife (28 & 27) have just paid the deposit for this one. We will be from travelling from Sydney, Australia.
Looking forward to the whole experience!


I’m travelling with my partner (27 & 30), from New Zealand. So excited… freaking out over what to pack though?! Hahaha. Can’t wait to meet you all :grin:


Right?? I’ve been obsessing over packing videos and have been shopping for a new smaller “personal item” sized bag since we can’t bring carry on type luggage on the bus.

Bring lots of light layers, especially a light weight rain jacket.



Anyone thinking of finishing the trip in Amsterdam and staying there for a couple of days, or are you’s all planning to finish up in London on the 19th?


Yes, we’re staying in Amsterdam for at least one extra night. We’re renting a car after that and possibly driving around the next few days as I have family in the Netherlands.

FYI - The trip is available on the app now!


Hi I am Ruby I am travelling alone from Melbourne Australia


Hey! I’m Melissa! I’ll be coming on this tour from NZ with my friend Laura. (27 & 23). So excited to meet everyone and see the world! We are doing a stop over in Dubai the a few days in London before the tour starts. We are finishing up in Amsterdam and heading to Greece for a week!