European Odyssey June 11-28 2011


Just wondering if anyone was planning on going on this tour. I’m travelling alone for the first time and debating on going on this long of a tour.


Hey Lindsay,
I am doing the Czech Mate tour from June 22nd (my birthday) til the 28th. This tour joins up with European Odyssey for the last part of the trip and its definitely a good option for a shorter trip :slight_smile:

Would be great to hear from you if you have decided to go ahead! I am also traveling alone for the first time. Hope your holiday planning is going well

Julia (New Zealand)


Hi Julia!
I’ve pretty much decided on this one, and now my boyfriend is thinking about coming too, so I’m waiting to book with him. And my birthday is June 22 too! Awesome!!


oh wow what a coincidence!!
I’m glad that you have decided to take the trip and hopefully we will be able to celebrate our birthdays together in the wonderful city of Prague :slight_smile:

How old will you be turning?


Hi Julia!
I’ll be turning 29 next June! And omg I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating it in Prague, SO EXCITED! How old will you be?


I will be turning 20 :slight_smile: and i can’t believe it either! its going to be an amazing experience… bring it on haha it is not coming fast enough


Officially booked today! Just me, no bf. and only 142 days till its time to leave!