European Odyssey June 09


Hi everyone,[br]Just wondering if anybody out there is doing the European Odyssy departing 27th June. Im travelling alone, not nervous, but hoping there are some other females around my age - 32.[br]Railz


Hey,[br] I’m not doing the one in June. my tour starts on the 2nd May. Have you heard many things about this tour? It seems that because it is one of the more expensive tours that there isnt that much discussion about it[br][br]European Odyssey 2 May 09[br]UK + Malta


I have heard from a friend that the tour is great. Her group were mainly in their mid 20’s. Im just hoping that there are people my age. You are right, there doesn’t seem to be many comments from others who have done or going to do the tour.[br]Im interested to hear any comments and/or stories.[br]Railz


Raliz, I’m 28 and have been worried too! I would love to chat. is my email. I’m from Los Angeles. [br]Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,[br]Ive ben trying to email you. My email address is I cant recieve any emails from yahoo at my work address.[br]Hope to speak soon.[br]Been waiting for others to say that they’re on the tour too.[br]Talk soon