European Odyssey July 3rd, 2010


Just wondering if anybody is going on this tour. Just booked it tonight last minute and looking forward to a great experience!


Hi Brent,

My boyfriend, Corey and I will be on the trip too! I’m really excited about it!

It’s my first time in Europe, so I can’t wait until 3 July!!!

Look forward to meeting you on the tour.



Nice! It’s my first time in Europe as well. Should be a great trip. I am going alone so looking forward to meeting a lot of people.

See you soon.




I am on the tour as well :slight_smile: im from sydney! Brent and i have already spoken through facebook

Whats your travel plans mel with your boyfriend?

i have to start packing this weekend because i head off next week :slight_smile:


Hi Leah and Brent,

Leah, we are also packing this weekend (or should be anyway!). I’m heading to Manchester next Friday to stay with family and catch up. We are then heading to London for a few days and then off on the tour. I’ve booked a Stonehenge, Windsor castle and Bath day trip whilst in London, so looking forward to this too! How about you, what are your plans?

Are you both staying at the Umi hotel? We booked the Umi hotel for 3 nights before the tour, just for convenience - not to mention the 6am start :slight_smile:

Are you both staying overseas for long? We will be overseas for 4 weeks.



Hello :slight_smile:

i havent even booked my accomo for the night before ill just stay in Leicester square somewhere and walk, most places are only a 2min walk anyways. but the night it ends im in the umi hotel.

i fly out next saturday and staying in Kent until the friday when ill stay in a hotel. im staying with a cousin but she might be working and stuff and college and what not. so im sorta still planning what to do during the day ! when are you going to stonehenge?
after the tour im heading to scotland for 2 weeks and i fly home on the 7th august :slight_smile:

what are you doing bout money? credit card? travelex? etc lol i still havent sorted that either. woops. I FEEL SO UNORGANISED !! woops.



I’m staying overseas for 3 weeks, I’m arrive the day before we leave the tour and only staying two nights after we get back. I wish I could stay longer! I’m staying at the Umi hotel the night before the tour as well so I don’t miss the 6 am departure.

Who did you book the Stonehenge tour through? I would really like to see that after the tour.

As for packing, I will probably be doing that last minute as usual but definitely will have to pack light from everything I’ve read.



Wow, less than a week before heading off. It will all seem much more real once I get my last exam out of the way!

Leah, if you haven’t booked accommodation yet, had some really good deals when I booked mine. Scotland will be wonderful!!! I’ve never been before, but if I had more time I’d love to go! Do you have many plans for where you are going in Scotland? I’d love to see one of the castles or even just to wander around the streets hearing their accent. :slight_smile: I wonder if they will understand your Aussie accent!

Brent, I wish my trip was longer too. After 4 weeks it will be difficult to get out of bed and go to work, that’s for sure!

The Stonehenge tour I booked is through the Viator website. It only cost around $100AU each and since it goes to three places in the one day that I really want to see I thought it was a good price. The actual company who will be doing the tour is EvanEvans Tours. Their reviews seemed pretty good on the web too.

For money I’ve got the Commbank travelmoney cards. They worked really well when we went to the US, so I would recommend them. If you are not with the Commonwealth bank then your bank should have them too - my friend bought some from NPBS. I’ve been b-paying money into the card as I’ve been saving.

Corey and I have one and a half days in London before going on the tour and I’m thinking the best thing to do will be a hop on hop off tour, do you know if it’s best to buy them online or just in London? I was just going to wait until I get there…


I found a place which is literally a 1min walk to the Umi hotel and was cheaper so im cheering :slight_smile: i feel a tad more organised now ! lol and will be staying at the umi the night we get back. much easier :slight_smile:
i dont know my plans for scotland, my family is from there so ill be staying with them for 2 weeks and they have plans to show me around to all the local pubs haha and the castles and loch ness so it all seems to be working out well :slight_smile: my cousins are my age which makes it even better !! my cousin told me she puts on an aussie accent and gets free drinks in scotland haha so this should be interesting. ive told them all to speak really slow for the first few days because we wont understand eachother otherwise lol

i have a visa debit card and i think ill just stick to that, if u press credit u dont get charged all the fees and it works all over the world…seems easier i guess…?

Mel there is another aussie :slight_smile: she is on the facebook topdeck site and she is from brissie :slight_smile: woo lol


Hi Leah,

That’s great about the hotel! I’m not so sure of London, so I just booked at the Umi.

I hope you have heaps of fun in Scotland! It’s great having cousins who can take you out! I do too! My cousin and his friends will be taking me and Corey out in Manchester! Can’t wait to go clubbing and to the pubs there with them.

Yay! Another Aussie :slight_smile: It will be interesting to see where everyone in the group is from!

I haven’t packed yet… better start soon. I have my last uni exam tomorrow, so excited to finally be able to concentrate solely on the trip and get even more excited!