European Odyssey July 16th


Ok, so my original tour was cancelled, now depart on the 16th July 2011, hope someones on this one!


Hello! :slight_smile:
I’m on this tour, but doing the first half (Soho to Boho)


I’m on this tour too, arriving in London on 14th July, then remaining in London indefinitely afterwards!

It’s getting so close now!


Yay!! Glad I’ve found some people on the same tour! Can’t wait to meet you guys =) I’ll be in the UK 2 days before if you wanted to catch up and do some sight seeing together =)


I have a few plans already on the Friday, but could be free for a drink Friday night. Are you staying at the Umi?

Where abouts in Australia are you from?


Hey All, My wife (Stef) and I (Alex) will be meeting up with the tour in Paris.
We’re both from Ontario, Canada and this will be our first time touring Europe.
We’re both excited to take some time off work and travel.

Looks like there’s going to be quite an Australian crowd.

Anyone traveled to this part of the world before?


Also, has anyone purchased the Top Deck cell phone SIM card for this trip? Or has anyone come across a better deal anywhere else?


I am going to be getting an Orange sim when I get to London (but I will need it long term as I’ll be living in London after the tour). Also hoping to find a good deal for an ipad sim. I think most places you can get a free sim and then pre pay a certain amount of credit.

I’ve been to France and Italy before - but it was winter and so so cold. Looking forward to seeing it all in summer.

I would love to see Canada one day, maybe one winter so I can go skiing!


Hello Keryn,
I’m from Canberra. Yes, staying at the Umi, are you staying there as well?

Hello Alex and Stef,
The furthest North I have been is Kuala Lumpur, so I am looking forward to seeing a bit more of the world =) I got the Top Deck sim, was the easiest option for me, because I wanted to have a mobile for the flight over.

Can’t wait to meet you all, in single digit count down now!!


A week today until I leave Perth!

I am staying at the Umi, for the first 2 nights before the tour and again after the tour for a little while.


Awesome! So excited!! Just wondering if you needed to apply for any visas for the UK? The travel agent told me I didn’t need any for any of the countries, and I’m just double checking everything. All the sites say to call the individual embassies, but I think that’s a bit excessive.
I’ll be hanging around the Umi as well, so might see you there before the tour starts =)


You shouldn’t need a visa unless you are staying for more than 90 days or planning to work.


Thanks heaps Keryn, just wanted to check with you, offically set to go now, we must be leaving Aust around the same time, I leave next Weds =) Happy travelling =) See you soon!! =)


I’m leaving tomorrow as well, departing 10pm from Perth via Hong Kong to London!

Packing is so hard…