European Odyssey (HTEV)


Hey Everyone! Anyone booked into the June 22nd tour?


Hey Melanie. My wife and I are doing the tour starting on the 29th June.
Getting closer now and really looking forward to it!
How much spending money have you allowed for each day and do u have a travel cash passport?


Hey Melanie,

A friend and I are all booked in and rearing to go for the 22nd June!!!

Are you traveling solo?

Hope to talk soon :slight_smile:



Yes a friend and I are joining that tour but we will meet you all when you get to Paris!

Not long to go!

Liana =)


Hi Nicola! Not long now!!! :slight_smile: Yes travelling by myself so will be looking out for friendly face :slight_smile: and Liana looking forward to meeting you in Paris


Hi! Iā€™m going on the 22nd June too, also solo! Look forward to meeting you all!


Yay Kimberley! another solo traveller! :slight_smile:


Yay! See you all soon! :slight_smile: