European Odyssey (HTEV)


Hey There

I’m Cara and I am doing the European Odyssey tour commencing 8th June. I will arrive in London on 4th June and was wondering if anyone who’s on this tour will also be in London early? If so, perhaps we can team up for some sight seeing?


Hi there,

We are on the Same tour and arrive London on the 6th June, you can check out the forum for for everyone else on the tour.



Anyone doing 25 may departing London to 11 June? :slight_smile:


Heya! I’m doing the 11th May departure anyone else doing this one?


Hi I am also doing the 11th of May tour with my boyfriend :slight_smile:


Hi Lydia!

welcome to the tour, if you go on TourRadar and search european odyssey there is a group of us all on there, or if you have a smart phone download topdeck meet its the same thing :slight_smile: are you staying at the Umi the night before? nice to meet ya not long to go now!