European Odyssey + Greek Island Hopper


Hi All!

Just wondering if anyone is doing the European Odyssey on 9th July to the 26th July 2011 or the Greek Island Hopper on the 28th of July to the 6th of August 2011.

Or if anyone has done either tour!

Super excited!! ;D


Hi Bianca,

My boyfriend and I are doing the first part of that European Odyssey trip (Soho to Boho), which finishes in Prague. I’m think we all go together - then the people who did the Soho to Boho part just finish early and leave from there.

I’m really excited about it too!


Hi Bianca,

My hubby and I did the Greek Island Hopper in May 2010 and it was awesome. Feel free to ask away :slight_smile:


Hey Taz if you also leave on the 9th of July we will probably be together!
Does the soho to boho just not do amsterdam?
I’m also going with my boyfriend and his brother.
Are you doing anything else after the tour?

Hi Amy
Are you looking at doing any more tours this year??
Ohh what to ask! Anything you recommend doing or not doing?
I heard the volcano trip isnt all that exciting and not really worth the long drive.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:


Hi hun,

Yeah hubby and I are going back to Europe in march for 9 months. We are doing the Anzac day 6 day patrol, about to book the Northern Nomad trip and doing Okt Fest Camping. We have also booked to do a 12 day sailing trip in Croatia but thats not with Topdeck.

Um what would I recommend scratches head - Dont bother with the day trip in Paros - its s*it and we all got food poisoning and to be honest I had a massive asthma attack walking up to the caldera (its pretty steep) and didnt get to see it, but the other girls said it was crap.

I would recommend not always going to restaurants the tour guide takes you to - we found these to be the least tasty and most oevrpriced meals. The accommodation in Mykonos and Athens is awesome. Paros and Santorini not so great, def make sure you take a towel with you as our towels in Santorini were always wet (even when we got new ones they were wet).

Hire a 4 wheeler and make sure you take a day trip to Paradise beach in Mykonos, the place goes off! My biggest piece of advice is get fit, I did not expect this trip to be as active as what it was! Anything else just let me know.


Hi Bianca,

I’m also doing the Soho to Boho part of this tour and finishing in Prague…I can’t wait! I will be on the tour all by myself so I’m a bit nervous but it should be fun!!


Hey Bianca,

Yep, the Soho to Boho tour is the same one, we just finish in Prague and miss out on Berlin and Amsterdam. We are travelling for just over 4 weeks, so we are going to Germany/Belgium for a week before the tour and then back to Austria and Munich after the tour. I can’t wait! We are going to meet the tour in Paris though, as we are not going to England at all… so we are also going to miss the first few hours of the tour, which hopefully doesn’t matter to much?!

I’m jealous you are going to the Greek Islands… I wish we had time to go there, it will have to wait till the next trip!


Hey Amy
Wow 9 monthsÂ… sailing in Croatia sounds amazing!
Thanks for your insight :slight_smile:
Yeah a lot of people agree the Caldera is not really worth the trip, but I will definitely look for a few different restaurants we can eat at! I am trying to get fit before I leave so i can eat till my hearts content without feeling guilty lol!
How much was it to hire the 4 wheeler??

Hey Jemma
Are you on the Soho to Boho on the 9th of July!? It will be awesome! I can see why youÂ’re a bit nervous but just think of all the friends you will make and you can do what you want! Are you doing anything after Prague?

Hey Taz
Sounds amazingÂ… I really wanted to go to Munich and Austria will be beautiful!
We were going to meet the tour in Paris because our flights didnÂ’t arrive early enough but we changed our flight to a day earlier to make sure we can start out tour in London. I spoke to topdeck and as long as you tell them what you are doing they are fine with it. IÂ’m sure you wonÂ’t miss anything just the long boat and bus ride! It’s cool your doing some in a tour and some by yourself, makes the trip not so rushed.


Its good to see that there are ppl on this trip. I started to freak out when the 9th July trip didn’t have a Guaranteed Departure label online.

Hey does anyone know how much free time we’ll get in Florence? I was keen to go to the Mall - an outlet for designer gear which is from what I hear a 45 min bus ride from the city centre.


Hi guys,
We are also doing the European Odyssey from 9th to 26th July.
Only less than a month to go. See everyone there.


Hey there guys,

My Friend & I are on European Odyssey Tour 9th July to 26th July.
We are from Canberra, Australia.

Not long to go now, starting to pack already we are very excited !!! :slight_smile:

See you soon


I’m on this tour too. See you all soon. ;D


Hi Guys,

Great to see so many people doing this tour! Not long now guys!!! :slight_smile:

Jemma - I’m also travelling by myself so also feeling nervous! Should be heaps of fun though.

I’m from Brisbane Australia.

See you soon guys.