European Odyssey departing 28/4/12


I’m off on my first overseas trip and going solo and just wanted to try and make contact with anyone else doing the same tour or if anyone has any suggestions of things to do and see in London before I start my tour?



I’m going solo on this same tour and will be arriving in London the day before. There are a couple of other people going solo as well. If you want to check out others on this tour, there is a “European Odyssey 28 April 2012” page under Europe Tours Discussions, that more of us have left messages on. Just look on the message boards dated the 6 February, that was the last time someone left a message.

Looking forward to meeting you on the trip! It should be absolutely amazing. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m also on this tour. I’m traveling with my partner Trent, but we are looking forward to meeting new people. We are arriving in London on the Tuesday before the tour and are looking at doing a few local tourist things ie the London eye, hop on hop off bus etc. try googling London and there are a few good sites that let you know what’s on/available. Hope that elapse :slight_smile:


Oops ‘elapse’ was supposed to be “helps”.


Hi, Great thanks for the advice and I can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile: I’m arriving 2 days before the tour starts and I’ve already got a Jack the Ripper tour booked now just need to fill up my days. Thanks Maree I will check out the page cause it would be good to connect with a few people before we actually get there plus it’s nice to know there are others going solo. See you in 7 weeks!! :slight_smile:


Wow…a Jack the Ripper tour…that sounds exciting!! :slight_smile:

And, holy crap…is it really just 7 weeks away!!! I’ll certainly have to get myself organised. Yikes!! ;D