European Odyssey Depart 8th of June 2013


Hey everyone,

My boyfriend and I are booked for the European Odyssey tour which departs the 8th of 2013 :slight_smile:
We are super excited, it will be the end of our overall 2 month holiday!!

Is anyone else booked onto this tour yet?



Hi Jasmine,

I am booked on this trip with my two best friends. We are also from Australia.

Where about in Aus are you from?

Can’t wait, its going to be so much fun!!


Hello Australia,

We are also booked on this tour!
It will be the start of our honeymoon can’t wait…

2 excited kiwis :slight_smile:


Hii everybody,

Didn’t realize people had responded.
Brisbane in Qld. :slight_smile: yourself?

I know we are so excited cannot wait for our giant holiday!!


Hi everyone

My boyfriend and I have also just booked this tour!

It will be his first time overseas and our first big holiday together.

We are very excited!!



Its great to know a few people before we even start the tour.

We are from near Canberra.

It will be our first trip out of the country as well so a big adventure for us!!

Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Yay for meeting new people :slight_smile: be great to meet you all in person in June.
So much more to do before we go though :frowning: this is what we get for planning a 2 month holiday in a few different countries.

Oh that’s awesome excited, my brother is at ADFA studying and were going down for his grad in december. It’s a lovely city.

How old are you guys? My partner is 22 and I am 21.



dam thats 1 week after i have my tour.
my partner and i are doing the odyssey on the 1st of june


Oh damn that sucks Keaneas!


That does suck! It would be nice to know a few more people.

My partner is 24 and I am 22.


Oh very good! - We are all 21!!


[quote=40769]dam thats 1 week after i have my tour.
my partner and i are doing the odyssey on the 1st of june

We are on the Odyssey 1st of June tour - there was an earlier thread which hasn’t seen much action about our tour:

Maybe you can revive that thread.


Is anyone else spending a couple of days in London after the trip?


In Europe London is the best city to visit.Night of London is looking very beautiful.


Happy Straya day all you Aussies! Hope your ready for some Kiwi madness come the 8th June! haha


Hi Kiwi honeymooners!!

My partner and I are from Melbs and thsi will also be our honeymoon trip!

Looking forward to meeting up



Hi everyone!

My soon to be husband (we get married in two weeks!!) and I will also be on this tour for our honeymoon :slight_smile: Can not wait to meet everyone and have some fun! We are from melbourne. See you all in June!


Yea should be fun we got married last week!!! Bring on the European summer B-)


Oh gosh practically everyone so far is a honeymooner! Haha. How exciting it’s a lot of couples and a few crazy kiwis :wink:
It’s nice to meet you all. Can’t wait to meet in person!

Wish this holiday would come sooner, I really need a break! I wonder how many sleeps to go ;)?

What’s everyone planning on seeing/doing while in each place? I am yet to fully research each place due to being a bit busy lately and have the first half of my holiday to do (going to America and Iceland before tour)



Who’s ready for some beer tasting in Amsterdam? Actually who’s ready for some beer tasting in general?

Also are you guy’s looking at doing most of the optional extras? if so which ones?