European Odyssey dep 3 may 2007


Hi all thought I would just put another call out there to see if there is any one going on this tour. At the mo I know that there is my partner and I, and susan22 (hi susan not long now)[br][br]“People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.”


Hi bubles sk![br]Well, so far that would make 4 of us! Sort of nervous since I’m heading out there on my own! But REALLY looking forward to it!!! Are you guys staying at the Globetrotter the night before? If so, maybe we could meet up after the meeting on the 2nd for a beer?? Let me know! Talk to you soon!:slight_smile:


Hey all, I am going in June. Will you please come on here after you are back to let me know how it was and what your favortie places were? Ooo and maybe give some advice and tips? lol! [br][br]I think a lot of the people on the forums are people that have never been on TOPDECK tours before and it is hard for them to answer questions. Which is why I am hoping yall come back and spread the love in the form of info!!![br][br]Thanks you guys! Enjoy your trip, I bet you are going crazy about now.