European Odyssey August 27th- September 13th 2016


Hello! Feeling like I’m the only one doing this tour (of coarse I’m not) is there anyone else out there? I would love some reassurance! - From Australia


Heyyyy! Me and my boyfriend are doing this trip also! Xxxx what’s your name!!


Hi! Thank you for the reply! My name is Shae, how about you? where are you from?


No worries, what’s your last name?! I’m Ebonee, me and my boyfriend are from Canberra what about you?


Nice to hear from you! I’m from WA, is this your first Europe trip?


Yes it is! Oh okay cool, you travelling alone?
Yeh it’s our first trip to Europe! Xx What about you?


Yes I am travelling solo, can’t wait to meet the group
Mine too!


That’s brave, but I’m sure we will all become friends very quickly!


I really hope so!


well I look very forward to meeting you!! You can add me on fb if you like, or it can wait till the trip! :blush::blush:


Me too! What was your fb name? :blush:


Ebonee Russo!


I’ll be on this tour as well with 4 other friends! Cant wait to meet everyone… Not long now :smiley:


How exciting! Are you from Aus too?


Yeh we’re all from Camden NSW :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! How old are you all?


well there’s three of us girls who are 22, 24 and 25 then the boys are 27 and 30… The guys and one of the girls are siblings… Are you on your own?


Oh cool, I’m 21, yes I am a solo traveller


Hey! How was this tour?