European Odyssey Aug 4 - 21 Aug 2018


Hi everyone,

I have booked the European Odyssey from Aug 4 - 21 2018 and was wondering if anyone else on here has booked it?

I am 26 year old female, solo traveler from country Victoria and will be settling down in the UK after the trip.

I will be landing in London on August 1st and have been looking at staying in an Airbnb for the 3 days before and was wondering if there was anyone else in London around that time that is a solo traveller who would like to share an Airbnb with me for the few days?



Hey Courtney,

I’m a 21yo female solo traveller from WA and will also be joining that tour!
I’ve unfortunately already organised and paid for accommodation prior to the tour, but I’ll be landing in London on the 31/07.



Hi Brittany,

I look forward to meeting you. The count down is on!