European odyssey 5th july


ive scoured the boards but can find any thread for my tour … so come on guys, own up!!! who is with me on the 5th july eropean odyssey this year?


Hey Odysseygal[br][br]I’m going on the Euro Odyssey tour but starting 28th June. Are you sure your dates are correct? I didn’t realise there was one leaving so close to mine.[br][br]Have a good trip[br][br]Toni


yeah im sure, there is one leaving confirmed departure 5th july from london, for 18 days … i think im the only on on it!!! its gonna suck if there is only a few ppl on it :O( i hope some more ppl reply and we can start getting to know each other before the trip leaves


toni, the tour im on leaving 5th july is the next one straight after the one leaving 28th june. ive been told by my trav agent the 5th july is a confrmed depqarture so there must be loads of people booked on it!!! come on guys and gals lets get to know each other a lil bit :O)


Hey Odysseygal,[br][br]Yep my tour is guaranteed departure too with already 36 people booked! But i’ve only spoke to 1 person who is on the tour! Amazing that people don’t use this forum!! Anyway, i think europe will be fairly packed in Summer![br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Toni


how do you know how many people are booked on your tour?


Ring and ask