European Odyssey 5 Oct 06


Hey[br][br]Is anyone else out there going on this tour?[br][br]I’m a 25yo aussie girl, and I would love to chat with anyone who may be going on this tour on the same date.[br][br]Hope to hear from you all soon :slight_smile:


Hey Tamika,[br][br]I think I’m going on the same tour as you - The European Oydessy 18 days, starting Oct 5. I 'm really looking forward to it, it should be a blast![br][br]I’m departing from Melbourne on the 2nd of October and arrive on the 3rd, so I have a few days up my sleeve before the trip.[br][br]How about you?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Shaun


Hi Shaun…Great to hear from you![br][br]Yeah, it sounds like we’re on the same tour. I dont arrive until about 9pm on Wednesday 4th October the night before the tour. I’m hoping theres no delay with the flight, because I haven’t left myself much time. Are you staying at the Globetrotter? Is this your first time to Europe?[br][br]I’m SO excited only 3 and a half weeks to go!!!


Hey Tamika,[br][br]Thanks for the reply. Half time in the footy at the moment.[br][br]You have left it a bit tight with times. The hotel is a short distance from the airport. It should be ok though! and you might be a bit jeg lagged on the first day, but who cares, it won’t matter, when that trip starts you won’t want it to end and at the same time not know what day the trip is up to. Well at least, thats what i’m hoping! Good times! Can’t wait! [br][br]I’m actually staying with my brother in london, apparently its near the london eye. I think a lot of people will be in the same boat as you and staying at the Globetrotter.[br][br]I have been to Europe before about 4 yrs ago, when was 22 yrs and now being 26, i think this time i will take it in a bit more! Probably party more! I loved it last time. I have waited for this time since then and always told friends I would come over to the UK and work and I’m finally there, which is ACE![br][br]How about you? [br][br]Cheers[br][br]Shaun


Hey Shaun[br][br]Good to hear from you again…this is my first time overseas, so I’m pretty nervous!!! I’ve been around most of Australia, but I have been wanting to visit Europe since I was 18, but I kept putting it off. And now here it is!!![br][br]I think I’ll be running on adrenalin for the first few days, so I should be ok…I think!! How long are you planning on staying in England this time round? I bet you see everything with a whole new perspective this trip…it’s amazing how much you change in only a few years. [br][br]Talk again soon[br]Tam