European Odyssey 31st August 2013


My husband and I will be going on this tour as part of a 6 week European holiday. We will be joining the tour in Paris.

Is anyone else booked for this tour as well? Under 3 months to go now!


Hi Michelle,

I am booked into the same tour, travelling solo. It is my first time overseas, so excited!!

Can’t believe it is less than 3 months away, not long now!!


Yay, thank you for responding Taryn! Somehow it makes it even more real when you find others on the tour.

I have been to Europe once before, but it was a University study tour. This is my first proper European vacation :slight_smile:

I see you’re from Australia too, I wonder where everyone else will be from?

I also just found some other Aussies on our tour on the Topdeck Meet app :slight_smile:

I was wondering how many Aussies would be on the tour. I will have to check out the TopDeck meet app :slight_smile:

It does make it more real when you start talking to people on the same tour, so excited!!

A friend of mine who did a similar tour last year said there were quite a few Aussies, some Canadians, Americans…will be great when we meet everyone.

Hi All,

Myself and my Fiance are on this tour and will be taking it from London. We live in Perth, WA…Yep…Aussie…Well my better half is anyways as i am English, We really cant wait and are counting down the days. look forward to meeting you all.

Jamie & Patsy

Hi, thanks for posting! Looking forward to meeting you both as well!

Yes it was 13 weeks last Saturday, it will go by so quickly.