European Odyssey - 3.Sep.2011


Hi All,

Just wanting to see if anyone is going on the European Odyssey Departing London UMI hotel on 3.September.2011?

My name is Suzie and I live in Perth, Aus and would love to chat to some people who are going :slight_smile:

If so please respond and I can forward on email etc
Suz :stuck_out_tongue: B-)


Hi Suzie,

My name is Leah i’m on this tour! I live in country victoria - Australia, i’m travelling by myself so would be great to chat to other peope who are going

Leah :slight_smile:


Hi Leah,

I am also travelling on my own B-)

My email is feel free to contact me to have a chat.



Hi Leah and Suz! My name is Ashlea, my fiance and I are going on this tour for part of our honeymoon! We’re from Newcastle, NSW. Look forward to meeting you guys over there!


Hi All

I’m Brooke & I’m doing this tour with my sister. We live in Hervey Bay (small coastal city in QLD, Australia) just off Fraser Island. Really looking forward to the trip & meeting everyone on board.

Seems like a lot of Aussies onboard so far…



Hi All,

My husband and I are also doing this tour.
We are from Sydney and cant wait… Let the countdown begin!



Yay looks like it’s going to be a fun tour guys!!! I’ll be staying at the UMI hotel a few nights before the tour starts so we should all meet eachother then.



Sounds like a plan Suzie, we get in to London (also staying at the umi) on the 1st September - I say welcome drinks are in order.


Definitely, checking into UMI hotel on 1.Sep too! Great to meet everyone!

Suz :slight_smile: :-*



I am Andrew, and i believe I am on this tour as well.



Hi all,

Wow, I think my boyfriend Craig and I will be the only Kiwis on this tour! We’re both from Auckland, New Zealand and are very excited about this tour! We arrive in London on Sunday 28 August (after a night in Singapore on Saturday 27 August) and depart London on Friday 23 September. My email address is if you wanna get in touch prior to the tour?

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:




Hi All,

I created a Facebook page

Top Deck European Odyssey 3/September/2011

Hope you all join :slight_smile:



Hi All,

Anyone new joining this tour, check out our facebook page

Top Deck European Odyssey 3 September 2011

Will try and organise pre-drinks before the tour in Bayswater, so everyone can meet and greet.