European Odyssey 2nd June 2012


Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and my sister, Danielle, and I are booked in for this tour. We are from Australia and neither of us have travelled overseas before. We’re really looking forward to it. Is there anyone else out there booked on this tour too?


Hi Sam, I am so happy to know that i am with somebody now for this trip, been waiting for people to post that they are doing this trip in June, i was a bit nervous that ill be alone as other people say not many would want Eurohotels as they are too quiet, which is what i prefer, hehe, i am a bit laid back and all i want is to enjoy the scenery and just the whole experience of fulfilling my european dream travel!!! Im mae, im from Australia too. We could probably meet up before the trip if you want? i have plans before the tour starts on the 2nd of June. Im starting in Paris, and doing some other tours. Let me know if you are interested and i will give you details, looking forward to hearing from u!


Hey Guys,

Me and my partner will also be on the tour and we’re from Perth! I know the tour has filled up pretty quickly and there isn’t many spots left so Mae don’t worry there will be plenty of people to meet!


Hi Fiona, thanks for joining the conversation, happy to hear. Do you have plans after the tour in London?ill stay for another 2 days to go around and watch a musical play! Im travelling alone, so it would be good to meet a lot of people ; )


We have quite a few plans after the tour. We’re in London for about a week after the tour and then go to paris spain and wales!. We’re actually seeing a musical too when we get back to london. which one are you going to


Hi Sam, i havent decided which one, im choosing between WIcked and Les Miserables.
ill be doing a tour via viator on the 20th of June, to Stonehenge, Stratford,Bath and Cotswold all in one day, then just tour around the city the following day before i fly back home. are u staying at the Umi hotel after the trip on the 19th?


Hey all, my partner Bronwyn and I are also booked on this trip!! We are from the Gold Coast. This will be our 1st Topdeck tour and we are really looking forward to it. Looks like we won’t be getting too homesick with a bus full of aussies… It’s great to get to know some other travellers before we go. Pat


Hi guys!
Great to hear from you all.
Pat, you’re from the Gold Coast! Fellow Queenslanders!
Mae, Our schedule is pretty full on before the tour leaves, we start at the end of April in the States and then we head to Ireland all before we get to London and start the tour so probably won’t find time to meet before the tour.
We were so glad to get two places on this tour, we were booked on a contiki tour first and it got cancelled! We were so disappointed but we found this tour and it’s actually better than the original tour so we’re happy.
I hope the Topdeck EuroHotel tours aren’t too quiet… are they?
Sam :slight_smile:


Hi Sam,wow! that would be a long trip starting from April! ; )
Im starting the tour in Paris, so will probably meet u all guys late night 2nd of June.
its a little sad to travel alone ; (, but i know it wont be alone forever, well i dont think it will be pretty quiet, as im noisy when im excited! haha, but i like quiet times when i am tired and resting hihi, i just like to enjoy the moment. Well i guess its a blessing it disguise that your contiki trip got cancelled and now ure in this group! yey! looking forward to meeting you all ; )


Hi everyone,
My partner Michael and I are also on this tour! We are coming from NZ. We are really excited as we have only ever travelled to Australia and Rarotonga. We can’t wait, not long to go now!
Any other kiwi’s on this tour? :slight_smile:


You can add 2 Canadians to the mix!!!
Beyond excited to see Europe its been a dream for soooo long!!!