European Odyssey 29th May 2010


G’day! My name is Matt and I’m booked into the European Odyssey tour departing London on May 29th.

I’m from Melbourne Australia and this is my first overseas trip so I’m pretty excited! I’m travelling alone and looking to find anyone booked on the same tour!

I’ll only be arriving in London the day before and staying at the Umi Hotel.

Planning on heading back to London after the tour finishes to look for work and a place to live!

Look forward to hearing from someone either via email ( or PM or just reply here!



Hey, I am going on this trip as well, traveling with one of my friends from school. I created a facebook group for the trip:


Is the Odyssey a camping trip? I am booked on european getaway leaving the same date (29th may- 17 june) but its a hostel one leaving from Clink


the odyssey is a hotel trip and its starts at the umi in london or paris if you prefer i believe


oh yup thanks :slight_smile:


60 odd days until this tour starts and Topdeck are stating “guaranteed departure”.

Anyone else booked onto this trip?