European Odyssey 28th June 2008


Hey fellow travellers!![br]I have booked the European Odyssey and scouting about for others who have booked this trip! Unfortunately my previous trip I had booked was cancelled!! So don’t think it can’t happen! I would strongly recommend to anyone to book a tour that is a “guaranteed departure” otherwise you may have the same trouble as us! Looking forward to the trip and will definately need a holiday after all the re-booking of tour and flights![br]Happy travels!![br]:slight_smile:


Hi Toni, [br][br]When was the tour you were previously booked on supposed to start? Was it also a European Odyssey tour? I’m a bit worried about my tours being cancelled too! How much notice were you given that the trip wasn’t going to go ahead?[br][br]I’m booked on Euro Odyssey (31 May) and Bravo Italia (22 June)… neither guaranteed departure! They worked well with getting time off work etc. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes as planned!![br][br]Have a great trip!!:slight_smile:


Hi Tammy,[br][br]I originally booked the European Odyssey 19th April 2008 tour and it was cancelled. Top Deck told me they would give 6 weeks notice if the tour was cancelled. So to keep informed I kept checking on the online booking system on this website. It tells you if the tour changes to a guaranteed departure when enough people have booked I guess. Unfortunately they have changed the European Odyssey tours now and it seems to be the only one you can’t book online… I’m not sure why? So I would suggest you call Top Deck because your tour may already be changed to a “guaranteed departure” if enough have booked. I was quite annoyed whne my tour was cancelled - the way I found out was to check the website and my date was no longer advertised so I called Top Deck and they told me it was cancelled - and that they passed the message onto my travel agent who was yet to inform me!! Doesn’t help you get organised! But yeah give them a call and put your mind at rest. I’m sure you’ll have a great trip! Maybe post up your fav times on the website to give me some hints on a good time!![br][br]Hope this helps[br][br]Cheers[br]Toni


Hi Toni, [br][br]Unfortunately my trips are not yet guaranteed… I’m trying not to worry about it just yet, hopefully there will be more people booking in the next couple of months![br][br]I will definitely try to get back on the forum to let you know the best parts! I can’t wait, it’s going to be fantastic! Are you going alone or with a friend? [br][br]Tammy:)


Hi Tammy[br][br]I’m not 100% certain but the “Soho to Boho” tour and the “Prague to London” tour combined is the same as the Euro Odyssey and they leave and return at the same dates as the Odyssey tours so maybe you could check out them on the website also.[br][br]I am soooo excited. Its my first time to Europe and I can’t stop thinking about it!! Even though my tour is now in June/July not April I think the excitement will get me through half a year on a high at work![br][br]I’m travelling with my boyfriend. I splashed out on the trip for him for Christmas. He’s spoilt! I’m soo excited that I’ll be in Paris for my birthday!! Best present ever, even though its from myself![br][br]Hope you have a wonderful trip and looking forward to reading about your time there!![br][br]Cheers[br]Toni;D


Hey Toni, [br][br]What a spoilt boyfriend you have!! Wow really cool to be in Paris for your birthday![br][br]Well, it happened to me today too! I checked the departure dates and my trip was no longer listed! Cancelled!! I am now booked on 17 May departure, which is guaranteed! As you can imagine, lots of stress at the moment, trying to reorganise eveything. But I am going to get an extra week to fill which is fun![br][br]Have fun planning:) Let’s hope we dont get any more nasty surprises![br][br]Tammy:)[br][br]


Hey Everyone!![br][br]Anyone else on this tour??[br][br]Toni:)