European Odyssey - 28 June


Hey guys! Anyone else doing this tour or the Soho - Boho from 28th June?[br][br]Steve.


Hi Steve[br][br]My boyfriend and I are both going on the Odyssey tour leaving 28th June. We booked AGES ago and are soooooo excited. Are you booked yet?[br][br]Toni


Hey Toni,[br][br]Yeah booked it yesterday, was quite surprised there were spots left…coz its only 3 months away! Like you so excited about the tour! Are you staying at the Globetrotter hostel before the tour starts?[br][br]Steve.


Hi Steve[br][br]Yep we are staying at the Globetrotter pre and post tour. We are both from Newcastle, New South. Where are you from?? Its our first time to Europe - I bet it will be busy in July!![br][br]C u there[br][br]Cheers [br]Toni


Anyone else on this tour??


Hey Toni![br][br]Im getting worried that nobody else has replied lol! How long are you staying in London before the tour starts? I leave Melbourne on the 25th so will have a couple of days to look around :slight_smile:


Hi Steve![br][br]I’m getting soooo excited!! I just rang Topdeck and they confirmed that the tour was definately going ahead. Apparently there is over 25 people going but they aren’t computer nerds like us!! Would love to hear from more travellers though!! We leave Sydney on the 26th June and arrive on the 27th June in London (the day before the tour starts). Staying at the Globetrotter that night and also spending a week in London post tour. Can’t wait to meet! Happy packing![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Toni[br][br]