European Odyssey 28 April 2012


Hi, I am taking this tour solo. Is anyone else booked on this tour?


Me (+ the husband) are on this trip! Can’t wait! :wink:


Hi Kersten

I’ll be doing this tour solo as well and I can’t wait!

Maree :slight_smile:


[font=Comic Sans MS][/font]I will be doing this tour with my two mates Ryk & Ray (third wheel!) and can barley contain my excitment :slight_smile:



I’m really happy to know that there are others travelling alone. I’ve been told that top will pair 2 single females up to room share. So there is a good possibility that I may be sharing with:
Are you starting the tour in England or further along the route?

Kersten ;D


Yes, that’s right you get to share your room with another female. On my tour of NZ it was quad share and you got to choose who you roomed with each night.

I’ll be starting the tour in England, arriving the day before the tour starts…hopefully to catch a few sights before we hit the road. :slight_smile:


Trent (my partner) & I are on this tour also. We are so excited!! ;D ;D[size=3][/size][font=Verdana][/font]


I also will be starting the tour in England and arriving a few days before the tour starts to check out London. The season will be Spring and I hope the weather will be nice and that I wont have to pack hot and cold weather clothes.

Does anyone know if the Swiss Alps will be cold that time of year?

I am so excited thinking about all the places I want to see ;D



Hi all,

My fiance (Ray) and I are travelling with Sophie, we are kicking off our ‘2012 End of the World Tour’ in Turkey with an ANZAC tour.

From Turkey we fly to London on the 27th April, still looking at accom for the night - any suggestions?! (Would be greatly appreciated).

So excited to head off! - Not long now!! ;D


Does anyone know what special activities we’ll be able to do on the tour? :slight_smile:


Hi Maree,
On the Topdeck website, in the Eurohotel, European Odyssey page approx halfway down on right hand side there is an additional info section called HTEV Optional Extras have a look at this for some ideas about available extra activities. Good Luck.


Oooo…some very interesting choices there!! :wink: Thank you so much for that; I greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:




I’m also going on this tour solo and can’t wait. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone and having the best holiday ever!!! :slight_smile:


WOW only 1 month to go. I am soooooo excited and looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to decide whether to take a backpack or suitcase?
I used my backpack around Japan and my suitcase in USA, can you tell me what you are using and why?


Hey Shandelle,

I’m a female from Sydney, going solo also.
Which part of Sydney are you from? I live near Pyrmont in the city and work in the city also.

Are you staying in London before and after the tour?

Feel free to Skype or email me ;D

Skype ID: Kerstenzl
email work:


Hey Kersten

Crazy isn’t it…only one month to go and we’ll be wandering all over Europe!!! YAY!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same dilemma…backpack or suitcase??? ;D Maybe the suitcase is better if you want to buy quite a few pressies (I’ve got some orders from family and friends :slight_smile: )…but backpacks are easier to walk around with…haven’t decided what to do yet.


It’s only 30 sleeps until our tour starts! So exciting!!! We are taking backpacks on this trip. I was reading somewhere that European hotels are quite small, and often have stairs (no lifts either) to the rooms so I think a pack will be easier to move around with. :slight_smile:


I heard the same thing, Melulu.
There are pros and cons to both backpacks and suitcases hmmm…

I once lived out of my backpack for 11 months and even though is was great to transport and walk round with, I found it annoying to repack it if I wanted something that was packed at the bottom of my backpack.

I’m still not certain for now.


Hi Everyone, Me & my husband are really excited for our holiday and are looking forward to meeting you all! Not long now :slight_smile: