European Odyssey 26/08/17 to 12/09/17


Hello! I have booked this tour by myself and would love to have a chat to a few people that are going! Never been to Europe before, leaving from Brisbane (Australia) and haven’t travelled overseas in almost 5 years! :).


Oh YAAY! I just booked the other day! I’ve never traveled! I’ll also be solo! :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Add me on instagram or Facebook! @Carli3_renee


Oh how exciting, I’m also going on this trip and I’m from Brisbane :smiley:


My partner and I are coming on this tour too! We are flying in from Perth but I’m from Bris Vegas originally! See you all there! :slight_smile:


Hey @CandiceS I’m actually flying from Perth as well via singapore airlines! Feel free to add me on facebook: Carlie Renee (picture is of me and a dog)