European Odyssey 24th June - 11th July 2017


Hi I am doing the European Odyssey from the 24th of June to the 11th of July 2017. I thought I would see who else is on this. I am from Sydney Australia but will be flying out of Melbourne on the 19th of June. Would be good to meet some people on my tour.


Hey, my partner and I are on this tour, we are from Christchurch New Zealand. We are travelling from Edinburgh to London the day before the tour and then staying in London for a week after, then carrying on with our travels. Look forward to meeting you!


Hey :slight_smile:

Im also from Sydney and im flying out on 21st of June to Paris before the tour starts.

Im super excited to get to know everyone and discover Eurpoe!!!


Oh awesome :slight_smile:
I leave Melbourne on the 19th as the girls I am travelling with are in Melbourne. So will you be just starting the tour in paris? That’s what we are doing because we fly to Paris too :slight_smile:


Yeah starting in Paris :slight_smile: Going to disneyland the day before!!!