European Odyssey 23rd July-9th August


Hey guys,

Is anyone else doing this tour?
I’m travelling solo, from Sydney :slight_smile:


Hi Caiti,

Thinking of either booking this one or the European Uncovered 11th July.

I’m from the UK but work in Dubai and travelling alone too

Em x


Hey Em!
Look forward to meeting you if you end up booking this tour :slight_smile: let me know if you do and we can chat about travel plans :smiley:


Hey Caiti!
I’m also doing this tour, I’m a solo traveller from the Gold Coast :slight_smile:
Will this be your first time in Europe?



Woohoo! Another solo Aussie haha!
I did a trip to England/Scotland/Ireland a few years ago but that’s it! How about you?
How old are you? :slight_smile: I’m 25!


Haha yay! Oh that’s so cool! I haven’t been to UK/Europe yet so I’m very keen to get over there and start exploring. I would love to see Scotland and Ireland, it’s definitely on my list of places to go asap.
How was your experience last time in England/Ireland/ Scotland? Was it through a tour?
I’m 24 :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m super excited! Scotland and Ireland are amazing, I had the best time exploring over there! I did a Contiki tour last time! But feel too old for one this time haha!!
What are your plans before/after tour? When are you flying over? :slight_smile:


Oh that’s so cool! Haha I totally get it, same reason why I chose topdeck. I did an American tour through them and it was great, so I’ve got high expectations this time round :slight_smile:
I arrive on the 21st around midday and am staying at the hotel, was just going to explore the area a bit before the tour begins and afterwards I’m staying in London indefinitely. How about yourself?


Oh awesome that’s great to know! When did you go to America?
Everyone I know who’s done Topdeck has had nothing but positive feedback to give so I have pretty high hopes too :slight_smile:
I arrive on the 21st too! At about 7am. I’m staying at the hotel too! And just going to explore as well. So might see you before tour!! Afterward I fly to the Greek islands for a week then fly home from Athens!
Ahh it’s getting so close!


Ps. Kelsie- Feel free to add me on fb if you want to chat more about the trip :slight_smile: dont think there’s too many Caiti lynchs on there so should be able to find me haha. My profile pic is me at a beach


I went to America for 3 weeks in April last year, was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back.
Oh cool! I hope we bump into each other at the hotel, it’s always nice to explore with someone else haha :slight_smile: oh my the Greek islands would be amazing!! Best time of year to do it too! Are you doing a tour there or just going solo?

Oh great I’ll have a search for you on fb!


Hi guys - I am also doing this tour, travelling Solo from Sydney…


Hi!! How exciting! Is this your first time travelling Europe?


Awesome! How old are you? Have you been to Europe before? :slight_smile:


Hi guys - Yes, its my first trip to Europe. New to Australia too, just been here for a year, I am 31. Have either of you done any tours with TopDeck before?



Oh wow cool! Where have you lived before Australia? Have you done much travelling?
Yep I’ve done an American tour last year with topdeck and it was great! Can’t wait to get back to America to see more :slight_smile:



Hi Kelsie – I have lived in multiple countries for couple of years including US and UK but most of the time in my own country i.e. India.

My travels have been more work related in past except US where I travelled a lot as I have few friends there so it’s easy to roam around. Though it would be first time when I will be using travel company so really unsure how the experience would be :slight_smile:

How about you? Have you travelled a lot? How was accommodation with TopDeck last time when you visited America’s? Also what’s the usual age group, I hope I am not the oldest one in this tour group :worried:


Oh cool, I’ve been to America and loved it! Where in America and the UK did you live? I’m moving to the UK after this trip :slight_smile:

I’ve done some travelling around Australia, New Zealand, the pacific islands and America so Europe is next on the list . The accom was fine, nicer than what I would be able to afford on my own, and they were just normal, nice room.

The age group on my tour was actually older than what I expected, there were definitely 30+ year olds and everyone blended in really well and became friends during the trip. I don’t think age is an issue it’s more of your not friendly that would affect how you connect with people while travelling :slight_smile:


hello, im Jess from sydney, also doing this tour!


Hey Anil and Jess!
Sorry I was away on another trip so wasn’t staying updated with this thread lol.
Can’t wait to meet you both in a few weeks :slight_smile: when do you guys fly into London?