European Odyssey 2012 (HTEV)


;D Hi all, my names Vicki. I just booked this trip 1-18th Sept 2012. Its my first trip o/s and will be going solo. Looking to make contact with others going on this trip or people who have done the trip. Ill also be spending a couple of days either side in London too. :slight_smile:


I’m going solo on the same tour and will be in London a few days before and after. My first o/s trip too so not sure whether I’m more excited or nervous atm. So much to organise, and so many questions… are you planning on staying at the Umi pre?


:slight_smile: Yep im staying at the Umi few days either side of the trip too. Thought id check out London while Im there.
I know the nervous feeling - but its a good nervous. Cant wait: im sure the time will fly.


Just noticed your in Melbourne…Me too!


Yeah in Melb, going to be a long flight over! What do you think about the optionals? Most look pretty good.


I know. Im not looking forward to the flight, and was tossing up about doing a stop over originally but decided against it. Optional extras look good too!
Wondering how many people are already locked in for the tour…Been checking out the face book page as people add themselves to the tour.


Not sure, the travel agent said 9 spots were left when I booked a month ago. Just joined the FB page, not too many others there yet.


Yay, good to know there are more of us out there, especially since its a guaranteed departure. Hopefully more people jump on FB in coming weeks.


I’m still deciding between two trips right now, but this is one of them. I’m Katie-American,solo traveler. @Vicki-I’m sure you’re not looking forward to the plane ride, y’all have a freakin long trip ahead of you!


@Katie: tell me about it. Im hoping ill sleep a lot on the plane!!! otherwise hoping for some great movie choices to help get me thru.