European Odyssey 2011


I am from Australia and considering booking to go on this tour on the 25 Jun 2011 but traveling alone.
Is anyone else going and who is traveling alone? :slight_smile:


Hi Cheryl,

I’m considering going on this tour aswell, and I’ll be travelling alone :slight_smile: I’m from the NT. Were you planning on arriving in London a few days earlier to get in some sightseeing?


Hey Palina,

Yeah i was thinking of going maybe two days earlier. I am traveling alone too :slight_smile: kind nervous. i Haven’t booked it yet but defiantly going to consider going.



Yeah me too :slight_smile: If you’re on your own maybe we can meet up in London and do some sightseeing. I’ve never travelled on my own before but I hear people say its great and you meet lots of people. Just looking at flights and they are not cheap that time of year…where will you be flying in from?


Yeah i plan on arriving in london two days before and going to stay at umi hotel in baywaters london. yeah the flights from australia arent cheap. i will be flying from Brisbane Queensland.
When do you plan on going and where are you flying from? it would be great to at least get to know someone who is going on the same trip before actually going on it.


Hey Cheryl,

I am going on that tour too! So glad theres another person going… thought it was going to me and the bus driver for a moment haha :slight_smile:
Add me on facebook…


Hi! I’ve just booked and paid for the 25th of June! I’d love to get to know other people going on the same tour :slight_smile:


Like the rest of you, I’m going on this tour, and I’m alone. :slight_smile: It would be good to get to know some people before the trip starts! I’m also in London a few days beforehand.