European Odyssey 2011



Am thinking about doing this tour next year (once dates come out!). Is anyone thinking about doing this?

I’m in Sydney and would love to know some people going beforehand as it’s my first time overseas alone!

Hope to talk soon

Meg :slight_smile:


Hi Meg,
I’m looking into doing this tour next summer(June/July) next year too. I’m from Alberta, Canada and it’ll be my first time travelling alone as well! I was looking at contiki before top deck, but I don’t know it just seems very hard core party/drinking.



Hey Meg,

my partner and I are thinking about this tour and we’re hoping to go May/June- :slight_smile: but we’re still waiting on dates to, so we can finalise it all:) myabe we’ll be on the same tour


hey meg,

Im looking at the same trip as soon as the new dates are out in oct, hopefully some of us end up on the same trip


hey all,
thinking about heading to euro mid year next year too. looking into topdeck and contiki. also first time travelling alone !


Hey Meg,

Me and my partner were looking at this trip around July next year also. Either this one or the Europe unconvered! Both look awesome!


Hey all,

I’m also thinkin about doing this tour next yr in jul/aug…im from sydney and travelling alone for the first time as well…


Got my brochure… deposit in for the 25th! so excited!
am leaving sydney 19th june and going to london for 5 days!
anyine thinking of staying in umi hotel?

am soo excited :):slight_smile:

was thinking on day 8 in rome that we can go to pompeii for day/afternoon?
what are your thoughts?


Hi Meg, I’m also booked in for the 25th. Maybe we could get in touch?


For sure! how exciting! facebook me… Meg McDowell otherwise email me;


Hi Meg and Hayley,

I’m also booked on the European Odyssey for 25th June. Would be glad to get to know some people before the trip starts!



How exciting! Meg if I added the right person on Facebook the high school you attended is right up the road from me! And Lara do you have Facebook or an email?


Haha oh my god hayley- smallest world ever! & Lara- add us on facebook :slight_smile: Would love to get to know you girls before we head off on our world adventure haha xx


Email me at or look for me on facebook: Lara Vanderstaay. :slight_smile: Meg, I’ll look you up on facebook.


HI everybody, planning for european Odyssey kicking off on 25 June 2011. I am stranded with my UK embassy appointment but have not recieved the itenary for the trip from Topdeck. May be the Easter holidays are to blame. If anyone has the itenary please fwd me the same ASAP to


Hi everyone - I’m Emma!
i have just booked this tour and can’t wait. I’m travelling alone and it would be great to get in touch with others doing the same :slight_smile: I am on facebook or my email is
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Emma! You have a very common name and I can’t find you on fb hahaha mines a bit more unique - unfortunately - hayley pease. :slight_smile: