European Odyssey 2011 July 2-19-clothing?


My husband and I are VERY excited to be able to go to Europe for the first time this summer! I’ve looked at the suggested packing list, but I still have some clothing questions…

-What type of shirts? Dressy, casual??
-Are tank-tops/tube tops/sleeveless shirts allowed?
-A rainproof jacket and a warm jacket sound very similar. Is it necessary to bring both?
-What’s a good example of casual, evening wear? (ie. how casual are we talking?)
-Are sweaters necessary since we’re traveling in July?
-It it easy to bring a hair dryer if you have an adapter, or is it too much hassle?
-Should any skirts I bring be below the knee or can they be above the knee?
-Any good recommendations on walking shoes/sandals? I’ve heard Chacos and Privos are good.

Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!