European Odyssey 2011 (HTEV)


Hi people
My friend and I are booked for the July 2nd tour. Anyone else?



I’m booked on this tour too :slight_smile:

I’m a solo traveller, and will be arriving in London at the end of June, so i’ll have a few days to look around before the tour starts :slight_smile:

Not that far away now :slight_smile:



My girlfriend and I are on this trip aswell. Wow looks like quite a few aussies will be on this trip lol



My girlfriend and I will also be on this tour. Looking forward to it.


Wow it does look like there will be alot of aussies on this trip :D. Is everyone here staying at the umi the night before?

Feel free to add me on fb, the link is in my forum profile. Would be good to catch up before the trip starts? I’ve probably got about 5 days in london before the tour :slight_smile:


Hey all,

My girlfriend and I will be joining in Paris on the July 2nd tour and can’t wait to get over there! Anyone else starting in Paris or hanging around after the tour? We’ll be in the UK for a few months afterwards and we’d love to get to know a few of the people we’ll be travelling with before we go. Feel free to add us on Facebook.


Hi all,

My sister and i are going on this tour as well :slight_smile: We’re starting in London and will be arriving a few days before as well. Can’t wait! Has anyone got their travel packs yet from topdeck?