European Odyssey 2010


Hi Everyone,[br][br]i just joined topdeck forum and have booked my European Odyssey tour with my bf. Just here to meet other people potentially doing the same tour. Our start date is June 26- July 13 2010. Let me know if anyone else out there is doing this one, would love to hear who else will be on the tour! [br][br]Cheers,[br]Lyndal[br][br]European Odyssey June 26, 2010


Hi Lyndal,[br][br]I’m planning on taking the European Oddessy with my boyfriend as well, but I’m aiming for the August 21 - September 7 tour. [br]Currently researching everything, like flights and pre-tour accommodation and I just really want to book so I know it’s really happening![br]Hope you have an amazing time on your tour! [br][br]Brianna.


Hi Brianna, Lyndal and other travellers,[br][br]My wife and I are doing the European Odyssey from 4/9/10 to 21/9/10[br][br]Would be good to meet any other people who are going on our tour.[br][br]Enjoy your trips ladies [br][br]Cheers[br]Jon


Hey Ellie,[br]My boyfriend and I changed our dates, so now we’re going on the Odyssey from the 7th August as well! [br]Where are you from? Don’t worry about travelling alone, I’m sure you won’t be the only one.[br]So keen for the trip, it just seems so far away![br][br]European Odyssey: 7th August - 24th August 2010


We’re from Sydney, and this is my first time overseas! Not really doing any travelling before/after the tour because we can only get a certain amount of holidays from work. But we are staying in London for a few days before the tour starts at the Umi Hotel, which I’m pretty sure is where it departs from![br]Still checking out flights and everything… I have all the details, just haven’t booked yet because we’re going to the Travel Expo in Sydney first to see if we can find any deals.[br]How old are you? I’m 21 and my boyfriend is 29. Any travel plans before/after the tour?[br][br]European Odyssey: 7th August - 24th August 2010


Haha, will definitely see you at the Umi! It looks really nice on the website, I’m so looking forward to it.[br]I don’t know anyone else going on the tour, but it’s early days yet. [br]I’m going crazy organising my passport and making sure I can get the holidays off work, but I’m told my bosses all about it so it shouldn’t be a problem. [br]It’s awesome you’re staying in Germany for a week before the tour - you’ll be more familiar with everything when we hit Berlin![br][br]European Odyssey: 7th August - 24th August 2010


Hello :slight_smile:

Just wondering… has anyone else has booked for the European Odyssey departing 19th June?




anymore people out there doing the June 26 European Odyssey?


Hi Lyndal,
Im doing European Odyssey starting 26th June :slight_smile: Can’t wait!


Hi Clare,

It’s nice to meet you. wow finally have met someone doing the same tour, was beginning to think it was just me haha! how old are you? are you on facebook? i am so excited too!


Hi Lyndal,
Don’t worry, its not just you on the tour! i booked my tour about 6 weeks ago and there were apparently only a few places left when i booked so the tour must be full or almost full.
I’m 20 and travelling alone from melbourne. I arrive in europe the week before the tour and will stay with some friends in France for the week before arriving in London the day before the tour starts. I’m staying at the umi hotel, are you? Are you travelling alone? How old are you?
Yes I have facebook (Clare Mason), do you?
Talk soon!


I am not staying at the Umi Hotel actually, but one just nearby. I am am 23, will be 24 just before the tour. I will be travelling with my bf, his name is Todd and he is 25. I have facebook also, my name is Lyndal Edge (not very common so you should be able to find me) however I couldn’t seem to find you? If you find me on there add me! Talk soon : )


i couldn’t find you on facebook…didn’t find any results for lyndal edge? to make mine easier to find I’m in the deakin network (uni) so hopefully that helps!


ok i tried but i think our privacy settings restrict us from veiwing our names on the search engine. So i have just adjusted my privacy settings, you should now be able to find me in the search in so give it another try! hopefully this works! haha let me know how you go!



Nice to see there are a few people on the Euro Odyssey leaving on the 7 of Aug! My boyfriend and I (28 and 24) are booked on the tour. We’re staying in London the week before the tour departs, sounds like we will see a few of you there!



Hi Bec!
Glad to see you’re coming on the tour! My boyfriend and I (29 and 21) are booked as well, and we’ll be in London for the three days before the tour starts. Are you staying at the Umi?


Hey Brianna,

Yeah we’re staying at the Umi Hotel, think we arrive on the 1 August. Can’t wait!

Have you guys sorted out your flights? We booked a round the world ticket cos we’re doing a bit of travel after the tour…


Hey Bec,
Yep, just sorted out our flights last weekend. We were originally flying Singapore Airlines between Sydney - London, and arriving on the 4th to check into the Umi. However, we’ve decided to leave Sydney a few days earlier, so now we’re flying Etihad airlines from Sydney - Dublin and having a few nights there, then flying Aer Lingus into London on the 4th as planned.
Who are you flying with? And where are you off to afterwards? Sounds exciting!


WeÂ’re flying Qantas to London, then a whole bunch of other airlines for our other flights. WeÂ’re going to spend about a month in the UK after the tour, then head to NYC (so excited!!) Canada then Fiji on the way home for some sunshine and cocktails!

Have you guys done much travelling? This is the first big trip for me! IÂ’m excited to find out what our tour will be like, IÂ’ve had heaps of friends go on Contiki tours, but not Topdeck.

IÂ’ve started the countdown already, 20 weeks to go! Eeekk better start saving =)


Wow Bec, sounds like a dream holiday! I hope you have an amazing time!
This is my first time overseas, but my boyfriend Nik spent six months in Europe a couple years ago. But he only went to about half the places we’re going to on this tour, and he’s looking forward to being there on my first big trip overseas!
20 weeks to go doesn’t seem so far away, and I definitely need to start saving! My flights and insurance are all paid for, but I still have to pay off the rest of the trip and then really crunch down for my spending money!
I’ve had a few friends go on Contiki, and others on Topdeck, and I’m glad I chose Topdeck! Contiki seems to appeal for the 18 year old gap year students and from what I’ve heard it’s all party party party and maybe see the sights if you’re not too hungover. I’m all for partying, but I want to see a lot of places as well!