European Odyssey 2 JUL


Hey everyone!!

My girlfriend and I are doing the European Odyssey tour starting on July the 2nd 2011. We have never done a tour like this before and are very excited to give this one a go.
Just wondering if anyone else is doing the same tour, as we are looking to meet people prior to the tour over facebook etc.



Hi Trav

I’ll be on this tour! :slight_smile:

I’ll be traveling on my own, and will be in London from the 26th of June. I’ll be staying with a family friend just outside of London, but will be staying at the Umi the night before and after the tour.

When will you and your girlfriend be in London?



Hey Kieran

I think we will be in London from the 29th, staying with my girlfriends grandparents. Then hoping to stay at the Umi or another close hotel the night before.



Hi Trav

We should catchup before the tour in London.

Have you done any touring of europe before? Feel free to add me on facebook, i think the link is in my profile.



Hey :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I are doing this tour too!
We’ve never done one before but we’re both really excited :slight_smile:
We’ll be joining in at Paris though.