European Odyssey 1st Oct


Hi :slight_smile:

My husband and I are booked for European Odyssey leaving London on the 1st of Oct!!! Soooo excited!!

Is anyone else booked on this trip?

Heather xo


Yes :slight_smile:

Also going with my husband. Nice to know another married couple will there ;D

This will be our first trip overseas so we’re very excited!


Hi Tina!

Cool…yes it is nice to know that there will be another married couple on the tour :slight_smile:

This is our 2nd trip overseas…we went to America in 2008 and loved every minute of it so very excited to go to Europe!

Do you have facebook?

Look forward to meeting you on Oct 1st and no doubt spend 18 awesome days with u :slight_smile:



oh America would have been great!

Yes I do, I’m under Tina xxxxxx (edited). I’m pretty sure I’m searchable. If not let me know and I will look at my settings.

Looking forward to meeting you too :slight_smile: