European Odyssey 18th Oct - 4th Nov


Hey Everybody![br][br]Booked this holiday for myself as I got fed up of my mates deciding if they wanted to go on holiday or not! (Who wouldn’t?!?)[br][br]I’m from the majesticly wet (at the moment) Isle of Man and will be coming along on my own and was just wandering if anyone else is going? :o


*shameless bump ;D


Hi! I am booked on this tour too :slight_smile: I was originally going on the European Wonder in hostels but they cancelled it and put me on this one!! It is heaps better so I am not complaining… [br]Where is the Isle of Man?? I am in Australia!! I will be going by myself too! [br][br][br][br][br]


Woohoo, another![br][br]European Wonder? That’s the one I was originally going to book till I got told it was unavailable, and this was the only one left that suited my dates! [br][br]The Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea between England & Ireland and home of the TT Races, there’s an Australian called Cameron Donald who comes and races in them every year - Here’s a link with some info anyway.[br]It’s almost as big as Australia, honest :p[br][br]*Only 27 sleeps to go… :-/[br][br]


It looks like it would be really pretty!! have you traveled much? [br]This is my first time o/seas, besides New Zealand when I was a kid! I leave Australia on the 30th, so not long at all for me! I am staying with friends in London and going to Spain for a few days… i can’t wait!! Getting very nervous… It is going to be soooo different to Aus!!! [br][br]I actually paid for the European Wonder before they cancelled it, so they put me on this tour and I did not have to pay any extra!!! I was cheering… hotels is going to be so much better than hostels!! woo hoo… [br][br]Are you on facebook? [br][br]


I haven’t really travelled much unfortunately I’ve only ever gone on breaks to Spain, Holland etc. I’ve always wanted to pack my bags and go somewhere but somethings always cropped up. Like this year, I was all set to go to New Zealand for a few months or more from October, but just as I’d finished planning everything I got a phone call for a job I wanted that I’d given up on about 3 months before![br][br]I’ll just be staying in Globetrotters Hostel the night before departure and the night after myself. Being able to fly quickly/easily to London my logistics aren’t so bad :)[br][br]And aren’t you lucky getting a free upgrade !!! :o Maybe you’ll get a free upgrade on the flight to London too ;)[br][br]And yep, I’m on facebook - here’s my direct link (hope it works)[br][br][br][br]Should be Lee Holmes and a picture of me and two of my mates posing [br][br]If you’ve dropped me an e-mail through this forum - I won’t be able to see it till tomorrow as it’s set up to my works account.[br]


The link didn’t work! It just went to my home page… Try looking me up - Louise Metcalfe. I am in the picture with a friend. I am wearing a white with black bits dress and the girl I am with has brown hair, i have blonde… [br][br][br]


I THINK I’ve found your profile - sent a message. If it’s you, wahay. If not, er, ooooops


ha ha, I think you sent it to the wrong person!! I didn’t get a message… [br]Try[br][br]


What’s your email? I think you can search by email on facebook… mine is - it’s my work one…


Wahay, link worked ( I think ) If not I’ve just added as friend a completely random person!


Hey folks - just in case there’s anyone else staying at Globetrotters the night before departure.[br]I’m thinking of heading to the pub just down the road from the hostel if you fancy it? I’ll be wearing a Kawasaki jacket (green and black) so hopefully you should be able to spot me and say hey![br][br]Now - just need to figure out what to pack & get rid of this darn bug I’ve picked up!