European Odyssey- 16 May?


Just a shout/email out to see if anyone is doing the Odyssey on the 16/5. Should be AWESOME!!! (note caps lock and multiple exclamation marks). [br]Forum away if you are…[br][br]


Hey Simmo![br][br]Glad to finally find someone else on the tour other than me and my bro! May 16 Odyssey will be FRICKIN AWESOME - just over 2 months and counting ;D[br][br]Me and my brother are travelling on the tour together from our home town in Sydney and the first day of the tour is also my brothers birthday so we will definitely have to kick it up a gear in Paris }:)[br][br]Are you travelling on your own or with someone else? What part of the world are you travelling from?[br][br]Ciao for now…


Tell me about “kel underscore suth”! Was beginning to think I was the only one!!! which would be both awkward and sad…[br][br]Thinking by your “callsign” you’re a Kel. I’ll run with it anyways. [br]So. Kel. I’m all the way from Adelaide and I’ll be travelling all by my lonesome. Doesn’t bother me though. 22 years old with a loving girlfriend and looking forward to experiencing the big E (the big E stands for Europe…it’s pretty big…just made it up really) [br] [br]B’day celebraaaaaaations sound great as well. [br]You guys been overseas before?? It’s my first time


He he he I was wondering who else might finally jump online :stuck_out_tongue: [br][br]In answer to your question your logic is correct I am a Kelly or Kel for that matter - I wasn’t clever enough to work out that the name I signed up would also be my user name so I guess I will have to save all of my clever wit for the trip :-[[br][br]Nice to find a fellow Ozzy on the trip and the big E will definitely be BIG! I too would be equally happy to travel on my own but was just lucky enough that my big bro was equally keen 8-)[br][br]You are so lucky that your first trip overseas is going to be such a wicked one! My brother and I are from NZ so I guess that’s overseas but have both been in Ozzy for nearly a decade now. My brother Tim (a 30 something) is a pretty seasoned traveller having seen a fair bit of America and Asia whereas I (26 years old) have only been to Vietnam.[br][br]We are both staying on in London a week after the tour and then off to Duabi for a few more days after that…How about you - any additional travel plans for your first trip overseas? Any plans for your lovely girlfriend to meet up with you?


HA! Uncovered by my freakish CSI like skills. Well “Kell” nice to meet ya! Well kind of “meet” you. You know what I mean…[br][br]Good to know I picked the “wicked” trip for my first. I was looking at the other ones that said ‘average’, ‘no promises’, ‘no liability held for personal injury’ but I thought the AWESOME one looked the best! Feel a bit sad for all the other tour groups that don’t get to experience it though. I mean imagine a trip without Dave, Tim and Kel. Actually don’t. It’s just not cool. shudders :)[br][br]From NZ eh bro? Still got the accent?[br][br]Unfortunately I’m in negative leave at work now and currently negotiating selling my kidneys just to get enough conjoured up to cover this trip so nothing additional for me. GF will be in Borneo while I’m overseas so no romantic hook up I’m afraid.


He he he - this is true! Very nice to meet you too![br][br]Yup so many people say Top Deck is the best tour company by far - not as seedy as Contiki so only the best for me and my bro he he he :P[br][br]Yup still got the choice accent bro 8-)[br][br]Yeah leave sucks - I took a month off and massive dramas but got it approved - though am having to take a week unpaid! Though ironically turns out I have had a new job offer so may also be changing jobs right before the trip :)[br][br]Bummer about the no romantic hook up but oh well - my big bro is in a loving relationship as well so he has to make sure lots of presents are brought back![br][br]Are you getting excited yet? Feels so surreal and exciting!


Hi Guys,[br][br]Myself and a friend are also joining this tour, we’re both from Tassie and it is our first trip to that side of the world.[br][br]Look forward to meeting you, not long now…[br][br]Dana


Yeah wasn’t too impressed by the Contiki sales pitch. Did smell the scent of seediness all over it. [br][br]So I’m hoping you won’t take it too personally when/if I start highlighting your Kiwi accent. Some say I do a pretty mean Kiwi impersonation. And by some people I mean me…[br][br]Definetely getting uber stoked and pyyyyyyyysched! Does feel a little surreal but when we’re reminding people in Germany who won the war and eating some croissants (no innuedo there by the way) I reckon it will hit us. In a very awesome way. [br][br]Oh and hey Dana and friend from Tassie!


Hi Dana and welcome aboard! Less than 7 weeks now - so exciting :slight_smile:


And further to Kel’s message welcome to Dana’s friend as well. I’m going to guess that Dana’s friend is a she and she is named Sharon…or Simone. Something S. Will see how well my spidey sense is working…


Just thought I would share - 6 weeks to the day and counting! :sunglasses:


Good sharing there Kel. Just thought I’d share that I’m getting a little excited about it now. And that I’m hungry.


Hey guys - 5 weeks to the day and counting! ;D


So where are the rest of our travelling companions? Just over 3 weeks and counting8-)


I know!!! Snobs!!! Just you and me Kelstar.[br][br]All the way. And back again.[br][br]From Europe. [br][br]


Hello! I am also doing this tour!! Can’t wait to get there not long to go now!! I’ m coming on my own though.


Hi all!![br][br]Count me in too! This is Kel’s big brother and we kick off the tour on my B’day so I’m heaps excited!!! [br][br]Can’t wait to meet everyone and counting down till we get on the plane.[br][br]Timmy :slight_smile:


I havent found anyone doing the 2nd May tour yet. HOWEVER I am really excited because i fly out from Sydney in 4 days !!! I still havent packed ![br][br]European Odyssey 2 May 09[br]UK + Malta


Woo hoo 2 weeks to the day! Getting psyched :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooooo clooooooooooose