European Odyssey 15th Oct


Just wondering if anyone is booked on this tour? :slight_smile:


Hey Emily,

I’m booked in on this tour!!!




Yay! :slight_smile:

Im so excited. This is my first overseas trip, so i cant wait.
Are you traveling alone?
What day do you get into London?

Cant wait to meet you! :slight_smile:



Hi Emily and Michelle

My wife (Avni) and I are on this tour as well (Soho to Boho, 15-28 Oct)

We willing be travelling to Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam before arriving in London on the 14th morning. Staying at the UMI for the 1 night before the tour departs.

Look forward to meeting you!

  • Roneel


Hi Emily,

Two more here from Perth!
We leave for London early October for a bit of of a pre-holiday-holiday, when do you head off?
Not long to go now!

Gav (and Clare).


Hi Emily,
And another 2 from Perth!
Can’t wait to meet you all!
Kirsty and Sam


Hey, Ronny, Michelle, Gav, Clare, Kirsty and Sam!

Wow, seems to be a lot of Aussies on this tour. Not long now, cant wait to meet you all. :slight_smile:



Hi all,

You will be pleased to know there will be two MORE Aussies joining you on the tour :slight_smile:

I have just picked up the travel documents today for Leon and myself. I’m getting very excited, not long to go!

Carly and Leon


Hi all,

Sorry to break the Auzzie trend but we are a couple from New Zealand and will be joining you all on the tour :slight_smile:
We have been living in London for the past five months and this will be our first trip to Europe so can’t wait!!
Look forward to meeting you all very soon :slight_smile:

Nicole and John


Wow, hi everyone!

Roneel: I think I might know you! Did you and your wife study at Mac uni? I think we have mutual friends. This is weird!!!

I will also be staying at the UMI for the night before departure, is anyone else doing that? Is anyone staying in London for a few days after the tour?

I’m also doing a bit of travel in Spain (self-guided) before joining the tour.


Hey everyone,

I am also staying at the UMI hotel the night before our tour starts. So we should all meet up for drinks :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

Just over a week to go!

Nicole and John: We needed some Kiwi’s on the trip. The Wallabies beating the All blacks on the 16th of Oct wouldn’t be as much fun without you guys ;D . Looking forward to meeting you.

Michelle: Yes, we did go to Mac. Would be interested to know who our mutual friend is :slight_smile:


Emily: drinks sound great! How shall we arrange this? Meet in lobby at a certain time?

Ronny: our mutual friend is Sonya and possibly a few others. You might not remember me, but I recall being introduced to you and Avni in the early Mac days :slight_smile:


Michelle - I guess we can just meet up in the lobby say 6ish (dont know if that will be too early) and we can just decide on where to go then.

Everyone else is welcome to join :slight_smile:


we will see you all there about 6pm!


Sounds good Emily. Getting close now! :slight_smile:


So how did everyone enjoy the European odyssey?? my husband and I are booked on this tour early 2012…are there and travel tips or must see and must to dos???

I’d appreciate some feedback how was the top service…??