European Odyssey 15 Nov 2008


My partner and I have booked on to this tour. Really looking forward to a massive winter experience.[br][br]Buzz in if you are doing this tour or have any other advice for us.[br][br]Cheers


Less than a month to go now.[br][br]I see the tour has become a “guarranteed departure”. This must mean there are sufficent numbers.[br][br]Say hi if you are booked in on this tour.[br][br][br]


Hey Blair - I’m booked for the “Odyssey” too.[br][br]I leave Perth on November 7 and will spending a few days in Hong Kong before heading to London.[br][br]Not long now![br][br]Jacinta


Cool, people do read these. Come on everyone else![br][br]Sam & I leave NZ on 12 Nov. We are staying at the Express by Holiday Inn Hotel for the 2 days before the tour kicks off. Hotel gets picked up before the Hostel “Bags back seat!!”[br][br]Is this going to be your first trip thru UK?[br][br]Do you know anyone else coming?[br][br]


Hey Blair - no, this is my first time to the UK but I’ve spent some time in Italy before. I’ve actually got my UK working visa so I am heading over to London indefinitely. Scary! It’s pretty nuts at the moment - trying to pack up my house etc.[br][br]I’ll be staying with a friend when I first get to London (November 11) but might book into either the hostel or the Express by Holiday Inn on the night before so that I don’t have to rush around in the morning. I don’t even have my travel docs yet - gotta pick them up from the travel agent tomorrow![br][br]I have a massive suitcase (to obviously pack my life into seeing as I’ll be away for a while) but am a bit worried that that’s not going to be very practical for the tour so I might buy a backpack when I get to London. What are you guys taking - suitcase or backpack?[br][br]And no, I don’t know anyone else coming. I’m on my own so be nice to me![br][br]See you soon![br][br]Jacinta


We have bought 1/2 of Kathmandu including some funky cases from them. Read the posts on here about cases and there are some size restrictions by Top Deck so check those too…[br][br]Happy travels, see you there.[br][br]P.s. - Kiwis are always nice