European Odyssey 14th April2012


Hi All

This will be my first solo trip overseas. I’m hoping to meet a few fellow travellers before I head over. So if you’re joining this tour, send me a PM or post here, cant wait to meet everyone!

Extremely excited, hurry up April!




Hi Kell
My husband and I are booked on the European Odyssey 14th April 2012 it’s our first Europe Trip!!

I am sooooooooooo excited!! Where are you based in Australia? I’m from Melbourne



Hi Roni

So happy theres other poeple booked and I’m not travelling on the tour by myself, lol. You’re lucky your husband is coming with you, mine isn’t keen on Europe and is doing desert Australia instead while I’m over in Europe, we’ve got different tastes lol.

Just checked tour dates and our tour is now a guaranteed departure, woo hoo!

I’m based in Wagga Wagga, if you haven’t heard of it, its half way between Melbourne and Sydney. I looovvvee Melbourne though!

I’m joining the tour in Paris as I’m spending a week in London and then travelling to Paris to make sure i get a few extra days there. Will you guys be joining the tour in London or Paris?




Only 2 months to go!!!


Hey guys!

I just booked mine. I am the same - I have never travelled solo overseas and this will be my first time to Europe. I am from Melbourne. Very excited!


Hi guys if you’re on Facebook, you should “Like” the topdeck travel page and on the left hand side is a link, “meet others” - search the 14th of April Odyssey tour if you’d like to join the group.

Only 66 days to go!




Hi all!

Booked this trip a few weeks ago, and getting very excited!!
This’ll be my first time overseas. Yikes!