European Odyssey 11 June - 28 June 2016



Thought I would get this started and see if anyone else is doing the European Odyssey 11 - 28 June?



Hey, my partner and I are coming in this trip. 26 and 25 years old from Bunbury Western Australia.



Nice to “meet” you we are 25 (well 26 on the trip) and 27 from Penrith NSW!!

Almost 4 months to go can’t wait!



Aw cool around the same ages! Nice too meet you too, feel like we booked this ages ago! (Back in the end of October/November) so finally it is getting closer! We have about 5 days in London before tour and a couple after, before flying home. How long are you guys going for? Our first time over to Europe!


Sorry, terribly late reply! It’s now even closer yay!
We are starting the tour in Paris so have two days there first and then 5 nights in London afterward.
It’s our first time too cannot believe how quickly it has come up.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Aw sweet! Yeah not long to go now!