European odyssey 01/10/2016 - 18/10/2016


Who else has booked this trip?
I’m traveling solo!


I’m doing this trip too!
I’m travelling with my boyfriend :smiley:


I’ve just locked in this tour. This will be my first trip overseas and I’m traveling solo as well :slight_smile: I decided to join the tour in Paris and have a few extra days to explore.


Oh awesome! Where are you traveling from?
For me I’m getting into London a few days before hand.
I am traveling from Western Australia; also my 1st ever solo trip


I’m from Brisbane.
That will be nice, I ended up choosing to stay one extra night in London on the way home - It’s hard to try and fit it all in!


We’re travelling on this tour too :slight_smile: I’m also going with my boyfriend, glad to see we won’t be the only couple on the tour haha


Awesome to hear!
I’m also staying an extra night after the tour.
Are you flying into London?


I’m flying into Paris and joining the tour there :smile: Means I miss the 5am wake up for the London to Paris leg :grin:
Has anyone done a topdeck tour before?


I haven’t done one before :slight_smile: I did a Contiki in New Zealand but apparently Contiki in Europe is way more crazy haha


We are getting to London a day earlier to explore and spending an extra day afterwards in London as well :smile:
We are travelling from Sydney and haven’t travelled before


Hey! Down to the 4 month mark :slight_smile: I just booked this trip. Coming solo from WA as well. Anyone getting excited yet?


Yes! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Yes I’m so excited. And I’m from WA too!


Yes, my husband and I booked yesterday! I’m so nervous!! Such a long flight, but very excited too


Awesome! Are you guys coming from Ausralia too?


Hi everyone! I’ve just secured a spot for myself for these dates :grin: I’m interested in getting to know some people beforehand and wouldn’t mind chatting or meeting. Is anyone else travelling from Brisbane area?


Hey! So great to start seeing people that are going too! Just under three months to go :laughing::laughing::laughing: cannot wait!!! Me and my bf are heading over from Sydney


Hello, my husband and I are on this trip, we are from Perth (SOR) CANNOT WAIT - our holiday begins in 2 months and 14 days!

Where is everyone staying before the tour?


Hi Sara, I haven’t booked any flights yet (so unorganised of me!) and was just gonna see what everyone else is doing. Staying at the hotel the night before seems most convenient though. I did think about dodging the 5am meet-up and catching up with the group in Paris but I have 4 days on my own after the tour anyway so I thought I could go and spend more time in Paris then if I wanted to.


My best friend Sarah and I are doing this trip too! We are coming from Melbourne! We are beyond excited! We are staying in London for two nights after the tour then heading to Scotland :slight_smile:
It’s so good how we can talk to each other on here!
So excited to meet you all!