European Horizons 2012 departing 21 July


Hi all,

I’m doing the European Horizons tour departing Rome on 21 July.

Is there anyone else booked on this tour? I’m travelling alone so keen to meet some new people and have heaps of fun - can’t wait!!

Mel. :slight_smile:


i’m doing this tour :slight_smile: my name is sarah so i’ll meet you. how old are you? i’m 19 :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah, glad to hear someone else is doing this tour - was starting to get a bit worried I would be doing it alone :slight_smile:
Where are you from?

I’m 25, from Mackay in Queensland. I have booked into a hostel in Rome the night before our tour starts and apparently there will be others from the tour staying there as well. Don’t know what you have planned? When are you leaving Aus?

Mel :slight_smile:


i’m from south africa but i’m staying in england for the year :slight_smile: i’m also staying at a hostel in rome the night before. which one are you staying at? i’m staying at village camping roma - the place that we all have to meet at on the 21st :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you!!